The DNA of Discipleship 2.0 – Series 1


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The 40 Days of Discipleship Series is a Jesus-centred resource on how to learn to be His disciple. This is for a new believer with many questions or for a more mature believer who wants to learn to help others.

This series will teach you how to learn from the Bible and so it nicely complements other discipleship systems that focus on what to learn.

It is easy to do and easy to share. Subscribe today and try this risk-free. You can cancel at any time. Share this web address with others and they can quickly sign up. Confirm the subscription from your email inbox.

For leaders:

This is easy to do and easy to share. You will save time, money and effort in equipping your community for the work of service. This series is offered free and is easy to sign up. You can concentrate on the relationship and discussion while the software provides the content. Or you can download a digital copy for printing for each series for those who prefer to work from a notebook instead of daily emails.

We are grateful to Neil Cole for his ideas on the DNA of Discipleship that has guided us in this series.

Disponible en français, español

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29 Responses

  1. Dear Jim,
    Congratulations on this very important material. May the Lord encourage you in your ministry!
    Moussa Bongoyok.

  2. Martin Foster says:

    Good job with the design – very engaging !

  3. Max Ssali says:

    I have liked the material. I believe it will be helpful. Job well done.

  4. Pete says:

    Jim –
    Did you ever think how this and SYNC might work together?

  5. Merlie Vejano says:


  6. Vivian says:

    It’s good for me to handle my cell members in discipline

  7. Richard Gador says:

    Thank you! This will be of good help…
    God bless & more power!

  8. amalyn undas says:

    Thank you for sharing this materials. You are such a good help to the ministry and to the work of God’s Kingdom

  9. rosiejane mortil says:

    Can i ask a copy of dna discipleship? Thank you
    God bless you.

  10. Elioner Hintay says:

    A blessing for my group in discipleshipship.amen!

  11. Rose-Marie says:

    This is a great top to study and grow in my spiritual walk with Christ. Thank you for the encouragement and notes.

  12. Narmada devi says:

    Wonderful help for others which we can do it please continue this job.may god bless this work.

  13. Esmeralda says:

    Para los que necesitamos mas de la palabra esta excelente

  14. Apostle Bright Hinn Elungat says:

    am happy to come across this site am a pastor from Kampala City – Uganda (East Africa)

    • Josiah Lewis says:

      Delighted to see that DNA of Discipleship reached East Africa. This tool is worth spreading, keep up the good work!


    Confìo en Dios que durante este tiempo El me prepararà para ganar almas para el reino.

    • Josiah Lewis says:

      Confió que si hermano, yo también. He disfrutado de 6/40 días. En el sitio en Spanish. Hasta ahora me gusta que cada uno es corto pero impacto cada día. Como lo ves un mes después?

  16. Lucy says:

    hope to grow

  17. A.H.D. McGODSON says:


  18. ademakinwa solomon says:

    yet to read a copy, however i am impressed from comments read from subscribers

  19. Mathias Adjei says:

    This initiative, I believe, will keep we the hungry ones, fed;the feeble, strengthened;the lost, found and the thriving Christian to keep the faith. May God give your more revelations in His Truth

  20. Global Yurtdisi Egitim says:

    Is there any details regarding to this subject in different languages?

    • Jim Klaas says:

      The 2 series are available in English, Spanish and French although all are being slightly tweaked after being tested, with the french version in most need of work. We have some who are volunteering to do the translation and management of other language versions but this is a big job. What language are you looking for?

  21. Paresh Haldar says:

    Greetings from India by his loving name Please keep us in your prayers also can favor us Paresh Sent

  22. Michael Testimony Simeon says:

    To demonstrate my love and wish that others enjoy the rich treasures of this study package, I have introduced my ministry colleague to participate in this discipleship workshop.
    Furthermore, I am working out a plan with a view to modify this study as a materials for my propose discipleship teaching among my ethnic Igede speaking tribe in Nigeria. I hope to consult as soon as the logistics is finalise if you will grant my permission to that effect.

  23. Augustine says:

    thanks alot

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